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About us

The Emilie du Châtelet Institute (IEC) was founded in 2006, at the initiative of the Paris Regional Council. Since 2012, the IEC, alongside the Alliance for Research on Discrimination (ARDIS), has led the Gender section of the Paris Region’s approved “Key Fields of Research” (Domaines d’Intérêt Majeur or “DIM”), section whose official title is “Gender, Inequalities and Discrimination” (GID). Organized as a research federation and housed by the French National Museum of Natural History, the IEC comprises 17 major national and regional institutions of higher education and research.

The IEC’s purpose is to promote research and education about women, sex and gender in all fields.
The Emilie du Châtelet Institute provides doctoral and post-doctoral grants and funding for young researchers, funds academic events, and organizes lectures and meetings that are open to the public, as well as more academic seminars and conferences (see Events).

The IEC aims to encourage dialogue between different fields of research, as well as bringing academia into contact with social, economic, political, activist and institutional organizations and players working towards equality for women and men.  
The Institute can depend on a broad network to help promote this field of inter-disciplinary research and make it better known, both within the academic community and to the general public.