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What is a Domaine d'Intérêt Majeur (DIM)?

The cornerstone of the regional research policy established by the Paris Region in 2005, the Key Fields of Research (Domaines d’intérêt majeur or “DIM”) aim to coordinate networks of laboratories located in the Paris region and working in fields recognized as key.

On November 18, 2011, following a proposal from Mr. Jean-Paul Huchon, President of the Paris Regional Council, and Ms. Isabelle This Saint-Jean, Vice-President of the Regional Council in charge of Higher Education and Research, the Regional Council approved 16 Key Fields of Research for the years 2012-2015 (decision no. CR 97-11) :

• Agro-sciences, territorial ecology, food
• Astrophysics and conditions of life’s appearance
• Bio-therapy: regenerative medicine, stem cells and transplants
• Cancer research
• Cardiovascular, obesity, kidneys, diabetes
• Brains and thought: neurosciences, neurology, psychiatry, cognition
• Analytical challenges, from concepts to systems
• From cold atoms to nano-science
• Sustainable development  
Gender, inequalities, discrimination
• Innovation, sciences, techniques, society
• Mathematics
• Multi-functional oxides
• Inter-disciplinary issues in complex systems
• Work and suffering at the workplace.

You can find more in-depth information about “DIM” (in French only) on the Paris Region’s website